Promoting market-based competitiveness

When you have the need for designing products or services, or you need to refine marketing communications and sales promotion measures, you will find highly competent and skilled professionals in Rovaniemi. A number of service providers in the design sector can be found in Rovaniemi, not to mention over a thousand creative sector students.

Our free-of-charge service will help you find solutions for finding competent actors, receiving funding, commercialisation, brainstorming and product development.

It is possible to apply for the Business Service Voucher twice a year from the City of Rovaniemi to be used for funding design and development requirements. Find out more about financing assistance from the link below.

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World’s Northernmost Design Week
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Success in the Arctic region using design

The Rovaniemi city strategy emphasises Rovaniemi’s status as a hub for Arctic Design. The City of Rovaniemi, under the registered trademark of the Arctic Design Capital, has created a development

environment for creative experts and innovation services, the task of which is to promote business in the region using design. In cooperation with the Lapland University Consortium (LUC), Business Rovaniemi organises the annual Arctic Design Week that belongs to the international Word Design Weeks network.

Arctic Design Week is the world’s northernmost design and town festival. Each year, the international design week brings into the spotlight and discussions themes related to the challenges of the Arctic region, responsible design expertise and sustainable masterpieces of design.

The task of Arctic Design Week is to promote Arctic design expertise and business, while inspiring designers, entrepreneurs and actors, students, scientists and artists. The Arctic Design Week enlivens town culture with local characteristics.

Arctic Design Week is organised annually during the third week of March (week no. 12).

Arctic Design Capital

According to the town strategy of the City of Rovaniemi, the mindset is to develop Rovaniemi into a viable Arctic capital.
A town that is an active actor for Arctic expertise and the circular economy, and that holds a strong position as an Arctic centre for education, conferences and research.
Arctic Design Capital is a registered trademark of the City of Rovaniemi.

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