Entrepreneur-specific financing advice

Financing of companies comes from a number of sources. The investments provided by owners and the income received from business activity is sometimes insufficient when, for example, the business is expanding or otherwise requires investments. In this case, additional funding is required on the basis of borrowed capital and/or shareholders’ equity. In some situations, it is also possible to receive a grant for commercial activity that does not have to be paid back.

Plenty of assistance is available for finance planning and applying for finance.

Business Rovaniemi advises you in different business situations for investigating financing possibilities and finding financing alternatives. Through us, we will provide information and assistance in finding and applying for a variety of public support instruments. Together with you we will map out the possibilities for using public support for business development and investment projects. We help businesses in making project plans and applications.

Service and financing channels

The links below show summaries of service and financing possibilities provided by the ELY Centre, TE Office and Business Finland for supporting the competitiveness, quality and productivity of SMEs during various stages of business:

Service map

Other public funding channels

Finnvera diversifies companies’ financing opportunities with loans, sureties, capital investments and export financing services. Finnvera helps enterprises map out, plan and implement a variety of financing alternatives. Finnvera financing for situations of business growth and change:

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Peräpohjolan Leader ry grants funding for projects that promote the viability of rural areas. The goal is to facilitate entrepreneurial activity in rural areas, the development of services, and for introducing concrete benefits for local residents.

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Using its own Business Service Voucher, the City of Rovaniemi supports the growth and internationalisation of SMEs in Rovaniemi and provides assistance in change of ownership. The application process for support for purchasing expert services is opened twice a year.

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The Rovaniemi Villages’ Development Foundation business voucher support is intended for SMEs, agricultural enterprises, reindeer husbandry enterprises, and businesses and professionals that have a business ID.

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Risk financing / equity financing

Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) is a nationwide non-profit association of private investors that promotes the investment of private individuals in non-listed potential growth enterprises. The network is one of the largest and most active business angel networks in Europe with over 650 approved members. Operations are based on the vision of influencing the development of business in Finland, economic growth and the creation of new jobs through growth companies.

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Pääomasijoittajat ry (Finnish Venture Capital Association) is the industry body and public policy advocate for the venture capital and private equity investors in Finland. The Finnish Venture Capital Association guides enterprises in applying for private equity investment. In addition, enterprises can also search for a suitable investor using the association’s ‘Find and Investor’ search engine.


Business Rovaniemi is a business and company services unit for entrepreneurs and those considering entrepreneurship in Rovaniemi. The development and funding services provided for enterprises has been revamped, and a new electronic service and payment system has been created to make all dealings even more fluent. Business Rovaniemi has its offices in the town centre at Ainonkatu 1.

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