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We offer enterprises establishing business in the region and enterprises expanding operations the region the following free-of-charge services, e.g.

  • Local market information about the sector and business opportunities
  • Information about premises and business plots
  • Information about workforce and competence markets
  • Funding advice
  • Help in finding a partner and details about local cooperative networks
  • Information about expert services in the region (e.g. consultation, legal and accounting services,
  • Business Service Voucher)
  • Information about marketing and communication services and related networks
  • Information about traffic connections for the area
  • Information about the region’s research, development and innovation activity
  • Lapland-level regional info
  • If necessary, we assist enterprises with networking as part of the town's Arctic ecosystem and we provide comprehensive business services in support of business growth and development.
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Merkkiniemi Marko


Business Rovaniemi is a business and company services unit for entrepreneurs and those considering entrepreneurship in Rovaniemi. The development and funding services provided for enterprises has been revamped, and a new electronic service and payment system has been created to make all dealings even more fluent. Business Rovaniemi has its offices in the town centre at Ainonkatu 1.

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