Rovaniemi is an active member of national and international cooperative networks that focus on the Arctic. The City Rovaniemi has been a member of the World Winter Cities Association for Mayors Weeks network since 2014.  Today, the WWCAM has participation by 21 cities from 10 different nations. Our town is also an active member of the World Design Weeks network that includes all the impressive design weeks from all round the globe.

The role of the City of Rovaniemi is to particularly lead the development for responsible Arctic design. The world’s northernmost design week, Arctic Design Week, is organised in Rovaniemi annually during the third week of March (week no. 12). Arctic Design Week brings together design experts and enterprises, townspeople and tourists and includes participants from numerous different nations. The Arctic Design Week programme includes city festival programmes, exhibitions, seminars, discussions, design boutiques, fashion shows, and plenty of other interesting events.



Business Rovaniemi is a business and company services unit for entrepreneurs and those considering entrepreneurship in Rovaniemi. The development and funding services provided for enterprises has been revamped, and a new electronic service and payment system has been created to make all dealings even more fluent. Business Rovaniemi has its offices in the town centre at Ainonkatu 1.

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