Rovaniemi’s location as the capital town of Lapland in the heart of the North Calotte market area acts as a northern gateway accessing the markets of North Russia, Scandinavia and Asia.  Then again, the logistic accessibility for the European markets functions excellently. The Arctic region is expanding to become Europe’s greatest investment site and the possible Arctic Ocean rail route would connect Lapland and Rovaniemi to the new globally significant trade route.

Around 4,000 companies operate in Rovaniemi, and this number is growing by approximately 400 new enterprises every year.  Rovaniemi has special competence in activities that serve tourism, refinement of metals and timber, and the experience and wellbeing industry. The service sector plays a significant role in our town in respect to employment development. The experience industry that intensively lives off export, trade and public services, creative and cultural sectors, and the industrial sector form a dynamic and diverse business environment that is easily accessible.

Here, cooperation with and among enterprises is very active. Business Rovaniemi and Visit Rovaniemi both play their own part in coordinating cooperation between enterprises. One excellent example of this is the Likiliike local business network and regular dialogue with local entrepreneurial associations and the Chamber of Commerce. For more information, see “company networks”



Business Rovaniemi is a business and company services unit for entrepreneurs and those considering entrepreneurship in Rovaniemi. The development and funding services provided for enterprises has been revamped, and a new electronic service and payment system has been created to make all dealings even more fluent. Business Rovaniemi has its offices in the town centre at Ainonkatu 1.

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