products and services of Roadscanners are world-renowned

Roadscanners Oy started its commercial activities in Rovaniemi in 1998 with four employees. Now, after 22 years, the company has expanded into a group that globally specialises in structural and functional condition monitoring and analysis of roads, streets, bridges and airports. The products sold under the company’s Road Doctor® brand are known worldwide.

Led by Doctor of Philosophy and Adjunct Professor Timo Saarenketo, Roadscanners has been intensively building the future throughout the history of the company, using international research collaboration and its own product development. Using these tools, the company has become one of the leading actors specialising in the problem diagnostics of roads, bridges and airports. The company has already completed projects and deliveries for over 60 different nations in each of the five continents.

Roadscanners specialises in software sector consultation in traffic infrastructure management and maintenance, and sales of research and measuring instruments. Particularly in the field of in-depth handling and analysis of ground penetrating radar data, this Rovaniemi-based company is a leading global expert.

The main focus of the Roadscanners’ activities is structural and functional condition monitoring and analysis of roads, streets, bridges and airports. Its key expertise has been in the development of the use of new digital electromagnetic non-destructive methods. The measurement methods include ground penetrating radar (GPR), laser scanner, accelerometer, HD and thermal imagery.

The company has developed the Road Doctor® software that is one of the world’s leading software designed for traffic infrastructure management and analysis. Another flagship product of the company, Road Doctor® Survey Van (RDSV) – is a high-tech entirety of measurement devices and software for surveying traffic infrastructure.

Roadscanners believes that, in the future, proactive maintenance policies that react to the early phase symptoms will play a key role in the next generation road asset management. Problems and the causes of the problems are identified in the very early stages and reparations can be implemented cost-effectively by repairing the cause of the problem – not by merely fixing damages. This leads to a longer service life for the structure and a reduction in costs.

Roadscanners in a nutshell
Established: 1998
Head office: Signed in Rovaniemi
Other offices in Finland: Tampere and Helsinki
Subsidiaries: Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, USA

With their PEHKO Project (Improving Productivity of Paved Road Asset Management), Roadscanners was the winner of the Road Federation’s coveted Global Road Achievement Award in 2018. The project is conducted in cooperation between the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres).

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