The Rovaniemi-based Aurinkopuro Oy has developed the innovative and ecological Siinne acoustic light product collection, where light, modern design and technology meet ancient peat. The refracted light of these light elements beautifully shines from the living surface of the peat panel. Light as a part of the acoustic element brings the acoustics of spaces to a whole new dimension.

“Siinne was established from the love of Arctic light and nature. Elegant and sustainable design are values we hold as important. With our products, we wanted to create wellbeing and amenity for places where people spend most of their time – in working environments, public spaces and homes”, tells textile designer TaM Minna Rimpiläinen, who created the Siinne product family together with Architect RIBA, interior architect TaM Ulla Mitiku.

The Siinne light element innovation was awarded the Arctic Design Enterprise of the Year Award in 2019. Using this annual Award, the organisers of the Arctic Design Week – the City of Rovaniemi – wants to reward a company that has boldly and open-mindedly utilised design in its operations as well as embraced the Arctic as part of its commercial activities. Praise was also given to material selections that are all ecological and production is located in Finland.

The Siinne light element innovation has received support for its internationalisation from e.g. the Kuopio Academy of Design foundation that has granted the enterprise a grant of 14,000 euros. In total, the academy distributed a total of 50,000 euros.